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Question: "Can I pay you twice the amount that you're asking?"
Answer: "Sure."

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A - Z Quick Overview

Q: Can you tell me about your site and what you offer?

A: You bet! That's why you're here. PartyBanners.com is an online banner store selling personalized banners that will enhance any occasion. We offer over 3100 unique banner designs in the widest variety of categories. They are available in 16 different bright, high-contrast 2-color combinations. You may purchase our banners using a major credit card though our secure and private online ordering and checkout system. All of our banner orders are shipped via USPS for dependable and fast delivery. Our site also offers a PartyFavors section with party ideas, gift-giving guides and more! Be sure to check out our site index to see a comprehensive view of the entire site. We're confident that you'll appreciate our site, our banners, and even have fun while you shop. Enjoy!

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About Our Banners


Q: What are the banners made of?

A: Vinyl and polyester. Each square yard of material weighs only 14 ounces, so your banner is very light weight and economical for both manufacture and shipping. Our banner material is considered a light-duty banner material.

Q: What about durability and physical properties?
A: Tough - very well suited for virtually all indoor applications. Good tear resistance - may be used for short term outdoor installations with proper support - use outdoors at your own risk. Our banner material is considered a light-duty banner material. Please see our Use/Installation section below for more information. Lay's flat. Stores well. Waterproof. No ink fumes or smells! Our banners are also very fade resistant and can be hung in full sun for weeks without any significant change. Whether for one-time use or longer-term indoor installations, our banners fit the bill nicely! Banner color combinations come in rich, solid, semi-gloss hues, with strong contrast to improve visual impact. We do not use ink-jet printing technology - there will be no dot patterns or fades/shading in your design. Our banners really pop!

Q: How are the banners manufactured?
A: Our banners are made with a combination of computer aided technology and skilled hands. Our banners are manufactured within tolerances of +/- 1/2" of the stated size.


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Color Choices
Q: What color options can I choose from?

A: Currently, we offer 16 different 2-color combinations for every banner design. They are: Black/White, Black/Yellow, Blue/White, Blue/Yellow, Red/White, Red/Yellow, Light Blue/White, Pink/White, Green/White, Teal/White, Purple/White, Silver/White, Gold/White, Gold/Burgundy, Orange/White, and Maroon/White. Our Silver and Gold colors have a rich metallic look.

Q: Where and when do I choose colors for my banner?
A: You'll be asked to make your color selection after you have chosen to add your banner to the shopping cart. You'll select from a chart of 14 available 2-color combinations.

Q: Do the colors on my screen exactly match the actual banner colors?
A: No. Colors shown are approximations due to the limitations of the screen/monitor and browser capabilities. We do use browser-safe colors (no dithering) that display consistently within various browsers. The most difficult colors to represent onscreen are the metallic-look of our Silver and Gold. However, we do believe that you'll be delighted with the rich quality of all our banner colors.

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Designs / Selections
Q: How many banner designs do you offer and in how many categories?
A: Currently, we offer 3100+ designs in over 140 different sub or main categories. We are always developing new ideas for categories and sub-categories and are adding fresh, creative banner designs to our existing lineup. Do you have an idea or suggestion for a banner or new category? Let us know about it at [email protected]. Who knows?...you may receive a coupon for a free banner!

Q: Do your banners come in different styles?

A: Yes! Our banners come in traditional, contemporary and humorous styles - and almost everything in-between as well. Our styles are defined by the typefaces, the artwork or illustration, and by the sentiments expressed. We have varied styles for varied tastes and social settings. Whether you want something that's formal or informal, warm or funny, or even wacky or outrageous, we've got banners that say it right!

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Sizes / Type
Q: What sizes do the banners come in?
A: Our regular size banners are 14" tall by 2, 3, 4 or 5 feet in length (mostly 5 footers). Our large size banners are double the size of each regular design - i.e. 28" tall x 4, 6, 8 or 10 feet in length. Large sized banners are actually 4 times larger in area (2 x height multiplied by 2 x length - See Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Size Comparison of Large to Regular (4 times the area)

Q: How large is the type on my banner?

A: Each banner is unique, and so type size varies with and within each design. We've made every effort to maximize the readability of all type within the parameters of each custom layout. Generally, the main body text/type ranges between 3" and 7" tall on our regular size banners and 6" to 14" on large size banners. Read below for more info.

Q: How will I know which banner size is best for my 'venue'?
A: Regular size banners are well suited for most rooms or areas in a home or in any location where the banner will be seen from approximately 40 feet or less. Large banners are ideal for larger facilities - banquet halls, business or church areas, castle-like homes, or where larger type and graphics would be required for adequate viewing. It's often a good idea to first measure or estimate the area used for displaying your banner.

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Q: How and where do I personalize my banner?
A: You will be asked to enter your personal and custom information for your banner using an online form after you've decided to add the banner to the shopping cart. The cart system is smart and knows what to 'ask' you and will guide you through the entire process with ease.

Q: My personalization is lengthy, will it fit within the layout of my banner?
A: Each personalization area has limits (a maximum number of characters and spaces, which are stated in the appropriate shopping cart section). We may make minor size and type adjustments to make sure that your personalization looks great within the banner design.

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Q: What do the banners cost?
A: Each banner design is available in a regular (14" by "X" length) and large size (28" by twice the "X" length). Most of our regular sized banners are 14" x 5 feet and are currently sale priced at $19.95 (normally $26.95). The corresponding large size banner would be 28" x 10 feet, currently sale priced at $49.95 (normally $65.95), (large banners are 4 times the size in area of the regular size (2 x height multiplied by 2 x length). This is why they are more than twice the cost. Banners of a given size are priced the same regardless of color or complexity of the layout or graphics.

Here's a look at our CURRENT SALE PRICES for each regular size and large size banner.

Regular Size / Price      Large Size / Price
14" x 2 feet / $13.95       28" x 4 feet / $37.95
14" x 3 feet / $15.95       28" x 6 feet / $41.95
14" x 4 feet / $17.95       28" x 8 feet / $45.95
14" x 5 feet / $19.95       28" x 10 feet / $49.95

For comparison, Here's a look at our REGULAR LIST PRICES for each regular size and large size banner.

Regular Size / Price      Large Size / Price
14" x 2 feet / $20.95       28" x 4 feet / $53.95
14" x 3 feet / $22.95       28" x 6 feet / $57.95
14" x 4 feet / $24.95       28" x 8 feet / $61.95
14" x 5 feet / $26.95       28" x 10 feet / $65.95

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Q: Can you fill me in about grommets?

A: Grommets are those brass "ringlets" that you find on the corners and edges of tarps and various other covers. They allow for rope, twine, or cording, to secure or attach the banner in place.

Our banners need grommets only if you find it necessary to use such methods for installing your banner. See question below for other methods of hanging/installing a banner.

The option to include grommets on your banner will occur after you click the "View Larger Image and Personalize this Banner" link. We do not automatically recommend or include them with each order.
The inside diameter of our grommet is 3/8" and accommodates most any securing device (string, twine, rope, etc.). Our grommet charge is $3.00 (total) for regular and large sized banners. Banners 5 feet or less have 4 grommets in the corners, while banners 6 feet or more have 4 in the corners and 2 in the middle (top and bottom).

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Use / Installation
Q: How should I hang my banner indoors?
A: Our customers use tapes, tacks, pins, staples or anything that seems to work for them. Grommets (see above) can also help by allowing cord or rope installations. We cannot recommend how to hang your banner or be responsible for your success or failure because of our complete lack of knowledge of your setting and situation. Use common sense and test your method first - that's always best!

Q: Can I use my banner outdoors?
A: We do not recommend our banners be used outdoors without sufficient backing or support. Banners of any size will act like a sail on a boat - the larger the size, the more wind it will catch! Ordering your banner with our available grommet option will not guarantee success outdoors - the grommet may tear, even with moderate wind. Our banner material is considered a light-duty banner material. Try securing your banner to something that will provide support or minimize the load of potential winds (i.e. a fence, etc). We cannot be held responsible for your installation and you use our banners outdoors at your own risk.

Q: Will I be able to use my banner again?
A: You bet! Take it down and roll it up with the graphics to the outside after removing any material used in installation. The material and colors are very resistant to fading (even in the sun) and should last for months or even years to come. We do not guarantee our banners for other than their one-time use and do not warrant their fitness for any special purpose, including outdoor installations (please see above).

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Care / Storage
Q: How should I store my banner for future use?
A: Remove any materials used in installation and roll the banner up with the graphics to the outside. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from damage from crushing and the weight of other objects. Your banner will be best next time, if stored in a vertical (standing) position.

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Contacting Us

Q: How do I make contact if I have a comment or question?

A: Please use the following email links or write to the address below.

Website or technical problems: [email protected]
Questions and Comments: [email protected]
Suggestions: [email protected]

Write to:
Customer Service Dept.
1679 West Hamlin Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
(248) 293-0668

ATTENTION REGARDING E-MAIL CONFIRMATIONS If you did not receive our e-mail confirmation it is because you are using an e-mail spam-blocker or spam-filter and it screened out our confirmation. If you received an Order Number or Invoice Number after completing your order, be assured that your order was received.

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Customer Service - Refunds - Returns

Q: I live outside of the United States. Can you ship an order to me?
A: Not at this time. We currently ship orders to U.S. destinations only.

Q: My banner was damaged in transit - what should I do?

A: Please send an email message to our customer service department advising us of damage in shipping, including your mailing address. We will gladly send you a return shipping label and a pre-paid postage sticker for use in returning the damaged banner to our factory. After confirmation and receipt of your banner, we will issue a debit to your credit card account (refunding purchase price + associated shipping charges). Our sincere apologies if this ever occurs! [email protected]

Q: My banner was damaged outside - can I have a refund or replacement?
A: We're sorry, but we cannot refund or replace banners that are damaged or destroyed as a result of outdoor installations. The burden and responsibility of such must rest with you - there's no other way.

Q: My personalization was spelled wrong - can I have a refund or replacement?
A: In the event your banner arrives with the incorrect spelling of any part of your personalization (according to the online form filed during checkout), we will gladly replace the banner or refund your purchase price and associated shipping charges as you prefer. Please advise our Customer Service Dept via email of the mis-spelling. [email protected]. Note: We are not responsible for spelling errors made by customers and refunds or replacements will not be given if this occurs. Please double-check the spelling of any personalization while filling out the online order form.

Q: My banner didn't arrive in time for my event - can I have a refund?
A: We're sorry, but we cannot assume the responsibility for a banner that arrives late. As long as we turned around (shipped) your order within the time that we promised (2 business days for Priority and 1 business day for Express service) and sent it to you via the shipping method that you chose, we are not responsible if your banner did not arrive in time. We provide clear instructions and information regarding the shipping service options available to our customers. They are available inside and outside the checkout process. To review or find out more, go here: Shipping.

Q: I have a complaint - to whom may I share my dissatisfaction?
A: Please contact our Customer Service staff with any complaints regarding our products, services, or website. Email us at: [email protected]

Q: Do you offer any guarantees?
A: Yes. We guarantee that we will produce every banner "as ordered". That is, each order will have the correct customer-chosen: Banner, Quantity, Color-Combination, Personalization, and Grommet Option. In addition, we guarantee to ship said order within the time promised, and to ship such order in the Shipping Method chosen. We make no guarantees regarding banner fitness for event/location/venue or for installation method chosen, or regarding timeliness of order to meet event requirements. If the time guarantees above have been met by Partybanners.com, the customer assumes all responsibility and risk regarding timeliness of order for his/her event. This responsibility and risk includes possible delays by chosen shipper. See our shipping info page for further information.

Q: Can you tell me more regarding Refunds / Returns?
A: Yes...Here is our reasonable Refund/Return Policy. Our banners are custom-made personalized products that are only produced when we receive the unique specifications from each customer order. As a result of being a custom-made personalized product, each banner that we produce is of value only to the unique customer who ordered it. It is of no value as a re-sale product to another customer or to PARTYBANNERS.COM. Therefore, we do not issue refunds nor do we accept returns for the following reasons:

1) We will not issue a refund if you or the recipient of the delivery "Refused" the banner package from the delivery carrier and the package is returned to us.

2) We will not issue a refund if you return the banner back to us, either opened or un-opened.

3) We will not issue a refund if the shipping address that you provided is incorrect or if the U.S. Postal Service returns your package back to us as an undeliverable or insufficient address.

4) We will not issue a refund if the banner package comes back to us from the shipping carrier as "Return to Sender" for any reason.

5) We will not issue a refund if you claim that the delivery of the banner came after the time in which you needed it. (As long as PARTYBANNERS.COM has met it's Guarantee Requirements. See our Guarantee Policy above).

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Orders / Using The Shopping Cart

Q: How does the order process and shopping cart work?
A: Once you've clicked on the "View Larger Image and Personalize this Banner" link, you're on your way. In order to add the banner to the cart, we will need to know the quantity, size, color-combination, personalization, and grommet option choices from you. Our clear and easy form will gather this information. From there, you can choose to continue shopping or else proceed to checkout where you will provide your credit and shipping information via a series of easy to use online forms. Our shopping cart holds banner selections for 30 days - see below for further information.

Q: Can I put my order 'on hold' for purchase at a later date?
A: Yes and No. Our shopping cart will hold banner selections for 30 days. If after adding a banner to your personal shopping cart, you decide to leave the site, you may return to complete your order and purchase your banner(s) providing the cart has retained your selection(s). If your banner(s) are no longer stored in our database, you must follow the normal procedures for making a purchase. If you find a banner you'd like to order in the future, please write down the item number & name of the banner design. We are currently developing an intra-store search engine.

Q: How do I know you received my order?
A: You'll receive a confirmation message (via web page) after you've completed the checkout process. In addition, you will receive an order confirmation email message sent to the address you gave us. You'll receive another email on the day your order is shipped from our facilities.

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Payments / Using Your Credit Card

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: Currently, we accept the following credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Debit or check cards through any of these service companies are also accepted. We are developing enhancements to our shopping cart that will allow additional payment options, including electronic checks and a Purchase Order system for schools and teachers.

Q: Do I have to use my credit card online?
A: Yes. At this time we do not accept credit card information through any channel other than our highly secure shopping cart system. This allows us to keep our prices low - we hope you appreciate that!

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Privacy / Use of Cookies (Need more info? Go to our Privacy page)

Q: What happens to the personal / financial information I provide with my order?
A: It's used only for fulfilling your order and handling any customer service issue that may arise. We do not share, rent or sell ANY customer information with anyone for any reason. Period!

Q: What's this about cookies?! - I thought you were selling banners?
A: Cookies are used by most all commercial websites. In layman's terms, a "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server and stored on a customer's web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. This is useful for having the browser remember some specific information. PartyBanners.com uses cookies for two reasons only - to store information regarding a customer's banner selection and to retain personal customer information to make future visits and purchases easier and faster. This is done using a customer's email address and a password (which they provide). This is only required during the checkout process and is not requested or necessary to browse our store.

Q: What are your privacy policies and practices?
A: We respect and honor your desire that your private and personal information should stay that way. We do not profile customers or use any personal or financial information for any reason other than for fulfilling your order or providing other services you may have requested and voluntarily agreed to receive. To read and review more, see our Privacy page.

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Security (Need more info? Go to our Security page)

Q: Can I use my credit card safely at PartyBanners.com?
A: You bet! Our website encrypts your credit card number and personal information prior to transmission over the Internet using a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology protocol to maintain the highest level of security. Your browser will automatically make a secure connection - read more below.

Q: What/who is Network Solutions and what should I know about them?
A: Network Solutions, an industry leader in security services for electronic commerce and communication, has issued PartyBanners.com a unique Digital ID assuring visitors and customers of our authenticity and ability to conduct online business transactions that are secure and private by using SSL (secure sockets layer ) encryption technology. Click on any Network Solutions logo on our site to view our ID certificate.

Q: How and when will I know my connection is secure?
A: Netscape and Microsoft browsers each display a unique symbol to identify when you have established a secure connection or entered a secure area. Netscape users should find a small lock symbol (icon) in the lower left corner of the browser window. Microsoft folks will see a similar lock symbol in the lower right corner. If you see the lock connected, you are linked to a secure environment. Please feel free and confident to enter your personal and credit card information - the encryption is very powerful and is actually safer than handing your card to a clerk or using your card information over the phone. Confirming message windows may or may not pop up (depending on your settings) each time you enter or leave a secure area or connection. We recommend that you try to upgrade to the latest version of your browser whenever possible. These are free to download from each respective vendor.

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Shipping & Delivery

Q: What are your shipping options and associated costs?
A: We use the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE exclusively and offer two different shipping/delivery options. Priority Service orders are shipped within 2 Business Days (Monday thru Saturday) and are sent using the USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day average, not guaranteed) delivery program (4-5 day average to remote areas and during peak shipping times [winter holiday season]). Express Service orders are shipped within 1 Business Day and are sent using the USPS Express Mail (Next-Day*) delivery program (*2 days to remote areas).

Shipping Charges for All SINGLE Regular Sized banners (14 inches by 5 feet or less) are shipped for $5.95 for Priority Service and from $15.95 up to $24.80 for Express Service depending on zone.

Shipping Charges for All Large Sized banners (28 inches by any length) are calculated by weight and location (zone).

Shipping Charges for All Multiple Banner Orders (both Regular Size and/or Large Size Banners) are also calculated by weight and location (zone).

To calculate shipping charges on these orders, please click on the CALCULATE SHIPPING BUTTON that you will see as part of the ordering process. Please see our shipping info page for more information.

Q: When will I receive my banner (s)?
A: We take orders 24/7/365. However, orders are considered received (for production/delivery scheduling purposes) if they are completed by 11:59pm EST on any Business Day (Monday thru Saturday, not including USPS Holidays). During checkout you will choose between two different shipping options based upon your need for regular or expedited delivery. Please refer to our convenient chart on our shipping info page to find out when you can expect to receive your order.

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