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Shipping Info

Domestic Shipping in the U.S. - Puerto Rico - APO/FPO Destinations

We use the U.S. Postal Service exclusively to ship our orders to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and APO/FPO destinations at this time.

All banners are shipped from our facilities in Rochester Hills (Detroit), Michigan.
Customers are responsible to choose the option that will meet their need or deadline.**
Business Days are Monday thru Saturday (6 days a week, not including USPS Holidays).
Orders received by 11:59pm EDT (before Midnight) on any Business Day are posted for that day.
Priority Orders received on Sundays and USPS Holidays are posted on the next Business Day.
Express Orders received on Sundays and USPS Holidays are shipped on the next Business Day.

**PLEASE NOTE** Here is a List of upcoming 2020 U.S. Postal Service Holidays: Memorial Day, Monday May 25, 2020; Independence Day, Saturday July 4, 2020.

**Orders will not be delivered or shipped on USPS Holidays - Please consider this when ordering just prior.

Alaska, Hawaii and remote customers should add 1-2 days to USPS Priority Mail estimates below.
Military personnel should inquire with their military post office to determine delivery assessment/schedules.

Remember to ADD Production Turnaround Time

Please ADD our Production Turnaround Time in addition to the time in transit with the shipping carrier.

OPTION 1 - PRIORITY SERVICE: (Economy, non-rush option,not guaranteed)
2 Business Day production turnaround (Monday thru Saturday - does not include USPS Holidays).
+ + + PLUS + + +
2-3 day (normal average) USPS Priority Mail shipping (includes P.O. Box & Saturday delivery).
Please allow 1-2 additional days for out-state and remote addresses (Alaska, Hawaii, etc).

OPTION 2 - EXPRESS SERVICE**: (Premium, rush-service option,guaranteed 1-2 day shipping)
Next Business Day production turnaround (Does not include USPS Holidays).
+ + + PLUS + + +
Next Day / **2nd Day USPS Priority Express Mail shipping (includes P.O. Box & Saturday delivery. [Sunday & Holiday delivery to some Metro locations]).
**2ndDay Delivery is possible for many non-metropolitan areas. (12noon or 3pm delivery by location).

Below is a Schedule of when you may expect the average delivery of your order based on Order Day and Shipping Choice (USPS Holiday considerations are not included).

If you choose*PRIORITY SERVICE, (with *2-3 day average delivery, not guaranteed).
Monday Wednesday Friday or Saturday
Tuesday Thursday Saturday or Monday
Wednesday Friday Monday or Tuesday
Thursday Saturday Tuesday or Wednesday
Friday Monday Wednesday or Thursday
Saturday Tuesday Thursday or Friday
Sunday Wednesday Friday or Saturday

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If you choose*EXPRESS SERVICE, here is what you can expect (NOTE: *2nd Day delivery is possible)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday
Wednesday Thursday Friday or Saturday
Thursday Friday Saturday or Monday
Friday Saturday Monday
Saturday Monday Tuesday or Wednesday
Sunday Monday Tuesday or Wednesday

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A Single Small or Regular Size Banner Priority Service Express Service
11 to 14 inches by 5 foot length or less $7.30 up to $12.75 depending on zone $19.60 up to $40.90 depending on zone

All Banner Sizes More than 5 feet Priority Service Express Service
14 inches or more by more than 5 feet by weight and zone by weight and zone
h h h
All Multiple Banner Orders Priority Service Express Service
Multiple banners of Any Size by weight and zone by weight and zone

Shipping charges on orders of any banner greater than 5 feet and orders with multiple banners are based on weight and location (zone).
To calculate shipping charges on these orders, please click on the CALCULATE SHIPPING BUTTON that you will see as part of the ordering process.

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