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PARTYBANNERS.COM was founded in November, 2000, to offer you safe, convenient, online ordering of personalized banners that help you celebrate the special people and events in your life. From anniversaries to wedding receptions and everything in between, we have pre-designed banner "templates" for the widest variety of occasions (220+ and counting!). We even have banners for non-events. Our banners say it right by conveying warm wishes, congratulations, welcome, and many humorous and fun sentiments (a large percentage of our banners are designed to elicit smiles and even laughter). They can enhance any event by providing a visual centerpiece and by captioning any photo or video memories of your friends and family. In addition, they are personalized with the name(s) of your choice (whoever is being honored, playing host, welcomed, or disparaged). Some are also personalized with numbers (anniversaries & birthdays) and in many other ways. Such personalization offers greater impact and value to the recipient(s) and readers of each banner (something that ordinary stock banners don't deliver).

We created to give you something extra, something special, when you get together with your friends/loved ones/enemies. We know that our banners will cause a stir. A good stir. They bring out smiles and fun attitudes. You will be glad to have one of our banners at your next special occasion. This, dear friends, is our mission. Please help us help you have fun!, Party Banners, Business Banners, Banners For Events, TradeShow Banners,

Creative Director, Steve, and Marketing Director, Tim, hard at work at their office at Over 3500 Banner Layouts are available in over 175 categories and can be personalized and ordered online. The banners are produced and shipped within 1 to 2 business days and then shipped via FedEx Next Day Priority Shipping.

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Our History

PartyBanners existed long before the "dot coms" came into existence. We come from a long line of graphics professionals. It's not widely known, but we were there with a personalized party banner for many "historical" events. For instance...

A Birthday Banner for JFK
(from Marilyn Monroe, the year she sang to the president)

A Graduation Banner for Rodney Dangerfield
(when he graduated from "Back To School")

A Housewarming Banner for Scarlett & Rhett
(when "Tara" burned down in "Gone with the Wind")

8 "New Baby" Banners for the "OctoMom"
(when the octuplets arrived)

Many Bon Voyage Banners for the Vikings
(especially for the send-off feasts that preceded raids)

Actually our founders were Vikings (sorry about those raids...we would've protested I assure you). As you can see, we've been around awhile...even on film sets! Well, that's our history as we see it. Our future history we hope, will include your history...we'd like to be a part of your story!

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that we will produce every banner "as ordered". That is, each order will have the correct customer-chosen: Banner, Quantity, Color-Combination, Personalization, and Grommet Option. In addition, we guarantee to ship said order within the time promised, and to ship such order in the shipping method chosen. We make no guarantees regarding banner fitness for event/location/venue or for installation method chosen, or regarding timeliness of order/delivery method to meet event requirements. If the time guarantees above have been met by, the customer assumes all responsibility and risk regarding timeliness of order for his/her event. This responsibility and risk includes possible delays by chosen shipper/method. See our FAQ for further information.

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Our Site

We think that you've found the best place to order banners for special occasions or for any reason at all. Why? Because there is no one else who beats our selection, convenience, and overall value. And we know that they certainly didn't score as high on the FAT scale (Fun Aptitude Test) as we did. Okay...we had to retake it twice, but that's allowed. Anyhow, take a look at what we have to offer.

Online Ordering Convenient, comfortable shopping from home, office, or school.
We're Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Shopping Cart Easily escorts you through the ordering and checkout process
SSL Encryption Secure protection for all of your personal information
Volusion Secure Certified Site We're Registered with Volusion Secure. Shop with confidence!
Privacy Policy We won't sell or share any information that you give us. Guaranteed!
Our Selection of Events No one covers categories like we do! See our Site Index
Our Regular Updates Frequent New & Fresh Content... Categories... & Banners!

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Our Products

Our products are banners. Just banners. Personalized banners. Colorful personalized banners. Inexpensive colorful personalized banners. Wait a's a better way to take a look at our banners!

The Banner Material A durable indoor/outdoor medium-duty 13 ounce vinyl banner material... Perfect for temporary and special event graphics! See our FAQ section for more info.
Personalization Gives banners greater impact. From Names to Numbers to Dates and more!
Pre-Designed Banners Makes shopping faster & easier and gives you a more professional looking banner than if you designed it yourself!
Great Banner Selection Over 3300 banners in over 220 categories. We have 28 subcategories just within our Birthday Section! See our Site Index for a "big picture" look.
Large Variety of Styles Traditional, Contemporary, Humorous, & even Unusual Styles!
Our Sentiments Fun, Witty, Creative, Appropriate, Outrageous, Inspirational!
Choice of Banner Size Most Banner Designs come in 6 sizes and ALL ORDERS SHIP WITH FREE FEDEX NEXT DAY SERVICE
SMALL - 11 inches tall x 4 feet wide for only $23.95
REGULAR - 12 inches tall x 5 feet wide for $28.95
MEDIUM - 20 inches tall x 7 feet wide for $46.95
LARGE - 24 inches tall x 10 feet wide for $64.95
JUMBO - 36 inches tall x 12 feet wide for $89.95
SUPER - 60 inches tall x 22 feet wide for $259.95
See our FAQ for a more thorough look at sizes.
Choice of Colors 24 different Bright, High-Contrast 2-Color Combinations!
Our Low Prices An inexpensive, affordable product compared to the usual graphic costs for something of like size. Our prices start at just $23.95 for a Small Size - 11 inch tall x 4 foot wide banner and includes FREE FedEx Next Day Shipping. In fact, every size is priced to be a great value!

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Our Services

Here's how we process, produce and deliver your well as a review of our value-added extras!

Our Payment Options Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Debit or check cards through any of these service companies are also accepted.

We also offer the convenient and popular PayPal and AmazonPay payment options.

Orders can also be placed by using our shopping cart system and selecting Check by Mail or Money Order by Mail service. Please note that we will not begin production on your order until we have received and processed these payments with our bank. Please print and send a copy of your order along with your payment to the address listed in your on-screen order confirmation.

Lastly, we offer a Purchase Order payment option for use by schools/principals/teachers, and large established businesses. Using this option requires that your official purchase order paper work be faxed to us to verify the details of your order, contact info, including proper information for shipping address and invoicing. Please use our fax option with our 800 phone service, call 800-388-2359.
Order Confirmation Customers receive prompt e-mail confirmation of their orders.
Quick Production
via FEDEX Next Day Priority Shipping

See Shipping Info
to learn more
FREE Balloons Option Our FREE LATEX BALLOON OPTION in the Colors of Your Banner has been temporarily paused.

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Contacting Us
We value your feedback and correspondence regarding our website, products, and services.
Please use the appropriate mailboxes below for interacting with us and be assured that we respond promptly to all communications that we receive.


After ordering, email your photo to us along with YOUR ORDER NUMBER. We'll send a proof to you for your approval before we produce the banner. Send a large High-Resolution photo file to [email protected]. File format can be a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, EPS, AI, or PDF file. Make sure to send the highest quality photo possible, especially if you are ordering a larger size banner. Also, please indicate any "Cropping Instructions" for the photo, in case any cropping is required on our part to make the photo production/layout ready. Call our Customer Service Line at (800) 388-2359 if you have any questions.


Questions and Comments: [email protected]

U.S. Postal Address:
Attn: Customer Service
145 S. Livernois Rd. #163
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Customer Service Phone Numbers:
Toll Free (800) 388-2359
(We are currently on EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

ATTENTION REGARDING E-MAIL CONFIRMATIONS If you did not receive our e-mail confirmation it is because you are using an e-mail spam-blocker or spam-filter and it screened out our confirmation. If you received an Order Number or Invoice Number after completing your order, be assured that your order was received.

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